How To Take On Easter 2020: Themed Workouts & Minimising Overeating

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Easter time for the sweet tooths out there can be a very difficult period to control chocolate consumption. Trust us, we are all struggling with the same thing. 

But the great thing is that Easter 2020 is only a small part of the year, so let's enjoy it with some balance and themed workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home before and after your festivities. women’s gym clothes and leggings

We know that Easter is a time where calories and macros go out the window, and even in lockdown, you're bound to get your hands on chocolate eggs and hot cross buns to celebrate in isolation. To help maintain a healthy mindset, we recruited PT Dani Bulian who talks us through keeping your goals in check, while still enjoying Easter. Dani loves her food too, and she doesn't want you to restrict, but rather give you the tools to make balanced decisions around Easter meals.  

If you have been following Ryderwear for a while, you would know that we love a good pun. So it’s no surprise we have created an entire program based on hops and jumps to burn off those extra calories. Screenshot this and save it for later!

Easter time usually means a spike in calories consumed, and it can be difficult to know how to keep on track. We spoke with personal trainer and mindset guru Dani Bulian who gave us some tips and tricks on how to combat the temptation to overeat, while still enjoying food with loved ones. Below are Dani’s six tips to Easter mindset success:  


  1.   “Start with a fulfilling breakfast – you may not be able to control what is served during Easter lunch, but you CAN choose how you start your day. I encourage you to start with some protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. These particular macronutrients will keep you satiated to balance out blood sugar levels, which will prevent you from overeating later on.”


  1.   “Fill your plate up with protein and salads – Before you dive into the chocolate; think about filling up your plate with protein-rich foods, vegetables and salad. The protein and fibre from the salad and vegetables will fill you up and have you less likely to binge on chocolate.”
  2.   “Don’t forget to drink water! Keep drinking water throughout the day to help keep you hydrated and less-likely to binge.”


  1.   “Enjoy the Easter chocolate last! After you have filled up on protein and vegetables, then you can enjoy the chocolates and lollies and when you do, enjoy each bite.”


  1.   “Remove guilt-association from foods – Easter is a time to enjoy food with loved ones, not a time to deprive yourself or feel guilty.”


  1.   Eat mindfully: Take a few breaths before you eat your meal and chew your food well. While you’re eating, stop to savour the taste, temperature and texture of your food. While you tune into your senses, you can practice mindfulness and eat with joy, rather than guilt.”

In short, you can't out train a bad diet, and that’s okay for a short amount of time. Easter is a special period to to enjoy yummy food, so don't be so harsh on yourself. Just make sure you're ready to get back into your normal routine once it's over. 

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