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Scrunch Butt Leggings That Flaunt Your Curves - Introducing the Honeycomb Range.

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Rydewear's Own 'TikTok Leggings'

TikTok made these leggings famous, but we made them first. While your TikTok feed might’ve made you search for these booty-shaping leggings, we’ve been creating butt-lifting activewear well before it went viral. For years, our iconic scrunch bum leggings have been empowering women to confidently flaunt their curves from the squat rack to the sidewalk.

While the textured honeycomb fabric does have the effect of enhancing your curves, it’s the scrunch design that is the real star of these leggings. Scrunch bum leggings are designed with a well-placed ruche along the back seam of your leggings, causing the fabric to bunch around your booty and accentuate your curves. But while Ryderwear leggings will flatter your silhouette just like the famous TikTok leggings, ours are also engineered for performance, not just a perfect peach. Passing the squat test and created for all body shapes, our super soft honeycomb fabric also lets you move freely without any restriction, whether you’re taking it to the next level in the gym or taking it easy. The compression waistband also offers a supportive fit, so you’ll always feel secure & comfortable during your workouts.

If you’re searching for TikTok leggings that you can train in, we offer a curated collection of our iconic, butt-lifting leggings that were designed to sculpt your booty and help you wear your hard-earned curves with confidence.