2021: As Told by Ryderwear Memes

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What a year it has been! 2021 was full of many dreaded cardio days, some epic PBs, a couple of accidental dirty bulks (oopss) and a countless number of protein shakes.

If you’ve been a true follower of ours for a while, you’ll have noticed throughout the year that we love a good meme here at Ryderwear. If you’re new to us, it’s time to catch you up on some much needed laughs.

To bring in the new year with flying colours, let’s reflect on the year that was 2021, the only way we know how - memes of course. We’ve collated our12 favourite memes of 2021 that perfectly sum up our year of lifting.

01. If you're in the squat rack playing Among Us, imma throw some hands⁠

02. We’re still living in a pandemic Brad! 

03. We feel personally attacked 

04. Hey Siri? Play ‘Everybody Makes Mistakes” by Hannah Montana

05. Is there anything more attractive in a person?
06. The audacity of some people

07. Our Social Media Coordinator is quite fond of cat memes, if you can’t tell

08. What kind of sorcery is the gym lighting tho

women’s gym clothes and leggings

09. ⁠It's this or telling the waiter to enjoy their food too…

10. Everytime…

11. Do we really got to do this again??

12. We've crunched the numbers of social events to days, hours & minutes and something ain't adding up

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