Behind The Collection: Freestyle Seamless

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Each collection at Ryderwear is designed with purpose, intent, and with a story. We always have a dedicated lifter in mind, as well as the fitness lovers to want to look great when they train. 

We decided to pull back the curtain to show how our collections come to life. 

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The brains behind the aesthetics, fabrics and designs is our talented in house fashion design team. Led by Jess Salvi, our Fashion Design Team Lead, each collection is engineered with time, patience, and care to ensure that each range is the perfect blend of fashionable and functional. 

Our most recent collection release, Freestyle Seamless was one of our biggest to date. 

How the fashion process begins at Ryderwear is with a mood board. For those wondering what the heck that is, it’s a collection of photos, materials or words that give a visual representation of the vibe and aesthetic of the collection or project. And while we can’t give away all of our secrets and show you the exact mood board Jess created, she says that it played a huge role in this collection. 

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“It’s one of the most important parts of the design process, and for me, laying out my ideas in the form of pictures in particular gave me a lot of clarity when first creating this range.” 

Once Jess had that down, she then moved on to the research component of the process. 

“I then started trend research and even some research into certain styles/colours that have sold well for us in the past. Making sure that what I create is relevant and something that people want is always at the forefront of my mind. If it’s obvious that a particular pattern or trend is going to be super popular, I always take that into consideration. A lot more goes into designing collections than what people think haha!” 

When we asked Jess what her inspo was for the collection, it seemed as though it came about more organically. Rather than having a single trigger for the collection, it was a culmination of ideas and looks that turned into one. 

“My inspiration for Freestyle Seamless was a combination of abstract shapes which you can see have been incorporated into the final design like the stripes through the waistband and the geometric panelling.” 

Once the research has been done then Jess then has to create our range plan and present to her wider team for feedback. 

“Sometimes this can be quite scary, because what if my bosses don’t see the vision that I do? But usually they are always open to what my team has to say, and their feedback is always so valuable.” 

“For this collection, they were so happy with it from the get go. They loved the inspiration and designs, and there was actually little to no feedback! That kind of foreshadowed the whole launch of this collection, because it took off and did so well.” 

Once the range is confirmed, the process then moves to the sampling stage, getting different colour lab dips, confirming fabrics and getting the final details approved. 

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Every aspect of the garment has to be considered, particularly for activewear, as comfort, breathability, and functionality are vital aspects of being able to smash PB’s and pump out an extra rep or two. Seamless fabric activewear is becoming a staple in any dedicated lifters wardrobe, and Jess explains why. 

Seamless is gaining momentum due to the unrestrictive, lightweight and stretchy fabric quality, because  we know how important it is for your active garments to still be fully functional, while looking good. Because of this, we use the knitted panels within the fabric to accentuate your best features, while ensuring the fabric is supportive yet still comfortable and allows for maximum freedom of movement.”

“Move Your Way” was the motto for this collection, as Freestyle Seamless was designed to ensure that any type of workout can be done in any piece from this collection. Maximum amount of flexibility was a priority, providing comfortability when training, and so the seamless fabric was the perfect fit. 


One of the most eye catching parts of the collection are the four colourways that each piece is available in. From bright reds and blue, to more neutral blacks and greys, each piece is bold in its own way. 

“I was inspired by athletic, bold and powerful colours that would complement the design of each style. It was designed to be fun and strong range for women!”


When everything is  confirmed, an order is placed and the Ryderwear family eventually gets their hands on the brand new collection. 

It’s a good feeling knowing that each garment you wear from Ryderwear has been curated with love, time and care. Our fashion team put in their all to ensure that every workout you do is completed with comfort, ease, and style. 

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