A Day In The Life Of A Ryderwear Athlete: Senada Greca

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Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Ryderwear athlete is like? How they manage to balance fitness, social media, being an influencer, meal prepping, running businesses and keeping in shape? On an Instagram feed, it appears so seamless. 

And while we may only see intense workout carousels and the body of our dreams on Instagram, there is so much hard work and dedication that goes into being a Ryderwear athlete. 

What we sometimes forget is that while our athletes have huge followings, with so many people looking up to them, they do normal day to day things, juggle multiple jobs, and chill out too.

It’s time to peel back the curtain, and get the full picture. We caught up (virtually) with Senada Greca for 24 hours to get a glimpse of what the life of an influencer is like. 

Fitness to Senada is simply part of her life, and doing workouts goes way beyond the short term benefits. Training is a fundamental part of Senada’s life, and to her there are no shortcuts or quick fixes, but rather dedication and hard work. Integrating that passion into everyday life is something that Senada strives for, and we learnt exactly how she does it. 

Keep reading to see what we found out! 

Rise and shine 

Having a consistent routine, especially in the morning, is vital for Senada. It sets the scene for the rest of her day, giving her the ability to smash out the numerous tasks she has to check off her list!

“I wake up daily at 6:30AM. First thing I do after washing up, is have a full glass of room temperature water with half a lemon.” 

And while feeling good is great, looking good is just as important to Senada. Wearing her favourite Ryderwear outfits day in, day out is what she is all about. And now that she has to work, there's no better time to sport her top Ryderwear picks!

“I love the Courtside Collection. They offer flexibility in being able to wear them and chill around the house, get a hardcore workout in them, and at the same time I can dress them up - before quarantine I threw a pair of heels with one of the sets and felt sexy and sporty and comfortable at the same time.”


“I also love the soft colors of the Collide Range. The bra tops with the little white mesh detail are absolutely gorgeous - feminine yet able to stand my toughest workouts. The crop tops in this range are my chill at home or go for a walk favourites.” 

Exercise time 

Once that’s out the way, the all important training is next! 

“Today was a glute and leg day, I felt like lifting “heavier” - I don't have heavy weights at home, but I make it work by utilizing heavy bands and or short bands, slowing down the movement and truly focusing on strengthening my Mind-Muscle Connection. I always value quality over quantity and/or lifting super heavy.”

“Before a workout, depending on time, I will either do a few of the movements in the workout itself with lighter weight to get the muscles warmed up, or perform a lower or upper body warm up routine (depending on what muscles I am working day), like the ones I post on my socials.”

Keeping on the grind 

Especially in isolation, it’s been more difficult than ever to get up and keep fit. When we asked Senada about how she keeps motivated throughout this time, she gave us some sound advice. 

“Motivation for me is a result of having built habits over time. I try my best not to rely on how I am “feeling” but rather knowing that movement is great for my body and it puts me in a better mind space, no matter how I am feeling. Motivated or not, I just do it.” 

“Aside from my inner drive to keep a healthy mind and body for the long run, my community on instagram and the members of my programs keep me going. They motivate me to bring the best of me daily. I am extremely grateful for all my followers and the community we all have built together.” 

A productive day at work 

After smashing out some training, it’s time to get her work day going! As you can imagine, Senada has an incredibly busy schedule. 

“Can I please have some more hours in the day?! It feels as if there is never enough time to accomplish all the things I would like to haha.”

“I am lucky to have transformed my passion into my daily job. Up until recently, I had a full time job in the medical diagnostics field, and I was juggling both my own business in the fitness space as well as “my day job”. Ensuring that I was a top performer at both, was not easy.  But I am a big believer that where there is a will, there is always a way. So I was able to manage both very successfully.”

“Now, having been able to transform my passion for fitness and wellness into my full time job, I am able to work remotely and am so eternally grateful for that.”

“But today I am jam-packed with videoing, catching up on emails, and working on my fitness and wellness business. I am always striving to provide content that is meaningful. At the end of the day, what I love most is spending my day working to help others.”

Fueling my body

In between all of this, Senada of course finds time for food. 

“I am a flexible eater. I focus on hitting my macros by eating food that is good for my body, and I give priority to consuming the amount of protein necessary for my body to gain or maintain muscle mass. And of course, I make sure I also get my greens and veggies daily.” 

And there's always room for something sweet at night time.  

“I can't lie though, on most nights I do crave something sweet. I typically have a banana and almond butter which satisfies that sweet tooth, but occasionally I do have some ice cream or a bar of chocolate with hazelnuts, it’s my favourite type of chocolate.” 

Rest and unwind 

After squeezing in everything that she needs to do, Senada’s day usually concludes quite late. 

“I typically work until 7:30/8PM with breaks to cook a bit of dinner if time permits. Otherwise it's hard boiled eggs, chicken I have meal-prepped at the beginning of the week, and a salad or veggies, gotta get the veggies in! The only TV I watch is between 30 minutes to an 1 hour, and I typically fall asleep with the TV on at about 10PM.” 

And at the end of the day, no matter how tough or exhausting the day is, Senada always reverts back to her favourite quote for motivation, “find your WHY and never lose sight of it”. Carrying out everyday with purpose and a love for what you do is one of the best goals you can work towards!

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