The RW x Kai Greene Collection: Build Something from Nothing

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ARRIVING 21.7.21

Champions aren’t decided through victory, they’re decided by the people. Three years ago, we teamed up with bodybuilding legend and lifter’s champ Kai Greene to release a collection of training staples.

Now, we’ve joined forces again to bring you a game-changing collection that pays homage to the artistry, ambition & dedication of Kai Greene.

From the Olympia stage to the comic book page, Kai Greene has left a legacy as being one of the most revolutionary bodybuilders in the game. But what’s never changed is his connection to the fitness community, and the underdog mentality you inherit when you’ve had to build something from nothing.

Just like Ryderwear, Kai has evolved from humble beginnings to a heavyweight in the fitness industry. While we began selling stringers out of Grandma’s garage, Kai began in the projects on the streets of Brooklyn, and together we’ve grown to global influence without ever forgetting where we’ve come from. This shared narrative is why we’ve collaborated with Kai to create this collection - to motivate you to make your own masterpiece and build something from nothing, whether that’s in lifting or in life.

Just like Kai has crafted his body, his artwork and his career by sweating the small details, every element that went into this collection was handpicked for your lifting performance. The fabrics are as strong as the champion they were inspired by, built for your toughest workouts, while the collection features cuts and designs that Kai himself wears. Think sleeveless hoodies and spacious fits for bodies built in the gym (and those about to be). Gym Wear & Leggings.

Each limited edition piece also features ‘thoughts become things’ branding and a brushstroke emblem to remind you to make your own masterpiece when you’re at the gym, just like Kai. The tools are in your hands.


Ryderwear x Kai Greene T-Back
This low-cut stringer was designed to show off your hard-earned physique while offering freedom of movement on upper body day.

Ryderwear x Kai Greene Sleeveless Hoodie
Kai Greene made it famous, now you can follow in his footsteps with this modern update on a bodybuilding classic. The lightweight fleece fabric adds extra warmth to your workout, letting you lift and flex without restriction while the sleeveless cut shows off your gains.

Ryderwear x Kai Greene Fleece Hoodie
From supersets to the sofa, this hoodie has you covered for comfort. The oversized fit is deliberately spacious for bodies built in the gym, while the fleece fabric offers peak insulation and warmth on those colder training days.

Ryderwear x Kai Greene Track Shorts
Keep the focus on your workout with the lightweight fabric and side pockets deep enough to store all of your valuables while you lift. The brushstroke emblem reminds you to make your own masterpiece in the gym, just like Kai.

Ryderwear x Kai Greene Track Pants
Every thread of this collaboration with lifting legend Kai Greene was crafted for your comfort. Whether you’re taking it to the next level or taking it easy, do it comfortably with the adjustable drawcords and a durable fleece fabric that’s as strong as the champion this collection was inspired by.

Ryderwear x Kai Greene T-Shirt
Co-created & tested by lifting legend Kai Greene, this training shirt features a lightweight fabric that performs through your heaviest lifts. Designed for bodies built in the gym, the raglan sleeve offers a spacious fit so you never feel restricted while grinding out reps.

The Kai Greene x Ryderwear collection arrives 21.7.21

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