Which Ryderwear Shoe is Best for Your Training Style?

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The ultimate guide to our training kicks 
Find your perfect training shoe

You wouldn’t ever wear skinny jeans in the squat rack, so why don’t we give the same attention to our footwear choices? To help you discover which shoe is best for your training style, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide with all the information you need about our best lifting kicks. 

Whether you’re part of the anti-cardio gang and just want to crush heavy squats, or you’re a fan of sweat-drenched HIIT workouts and high-impact circuit training, we have a collection of premium-quality training shoes engineered to level up your workouts. 

Each of our training shoes is constructed with ultra durable fabrics, with ground-breaking designs that maximize your power and stability, helping you push past plateaus and redefine your PB’s. 

Join the serious lifters club in the latest evolution of our signature hardcore training shoe. With an urban, gritty aesthetic, the D-Mak Rogue Camo is created for maximum power and minimum fuss, helping you blend out in the squat rack.

Training Style: The compound king. This shoe was designed for serious strength training, like heavy, bar-bending squats and deadlifts. 
Defining Features: The D-Mak Rogue offers a flat rubber sole created to grip gym floors for maximum power, while giving you that barefoot feel. 
Price: £84.99 GBP

Move lyte, train heavy in this ultra-lightweight, ultra-versatile trainer. 

Training Style: Dynamic, high intensity exercises like HIIT, CrossFit, TRX and Plyometrics.
Defining Features: The knit main body offers total flexibility of movement. The sock feature upper gives you a supportive, second skin fit.
Price: £74.99 GBP

For a louder leg day. This D-Mak features attention-grabbing carbon fibre detailed vinyl panels, with unparalleled support and durability. 

Training Style: Compound movements like squats and deadlifts, for both pure strength and hypertrophy 
Defining Features: The D-Mak Carbon Fibre offers a flat rubber sole created to grip gym floors for maximum power, while giving you that barefoot feel. 
Price: £87.99 GBP

This epic collaboration between Ryderwear and a legend of lifting is your chance to own a piece of bodybuilding history. 

Training Style: Pure hypertrophy, just like Kai Greene. This means leg presses, calf raises, hamstring curls.
Defining Features: The Kai Greene debossed signature, as well as the ‘Thoughts Become Things’ message featured on the inner sole.  Each pair of this exclusive, once-in-a-generation release comes packaged in a limited edition keepsake shoe box. 
Price: £109.99 GBP

This remastered and remixed version of the original D-Mak is clean, simple and keeps the focus on your workout.

Training Style: You like to hit leg day effectively and efficiently, focusing on the essential movements. No wasted reps. 
Defining Features: The D-Mak Block features a durable leather and premium canvas fabric, with the signature flat rubber sole for maximum power and drive. 
Price: £84.99 GBP


Destroy leg day like Kai Greene in these feather-light bodybuilding shoes.

Training Style: These kicks are created for dynamic, high-impact leg day staples like lunges and split squats, with the thicker sole offering more cushioning and protection
Defining Features: The buckle strap offers optimum stability and support. The badass inner sole illustration inspires you to crush your PB’s and dominate leg day.
Price: £99.99 GBP


With a game-changing ultra high top, the Supatop Duty provides next-level ankle support so you can annihilate leg day. 

Training Style: Two in one: these stylish kicks take you from the squat rack to the streets with ease. No spare pair of shoes necessary. 
Defining Features: The ultra high-top and two buckle straps ensure ankle rolls are a thing of the past
Price: £42.49 GBP

The OG D-Mak, redesigned for the new generation of bodybuilders. 

Training Style: Classic, old-school bodybuilding. Think muscle beach and Generation Iron.
Defining Features: The D-Mak II offers a flat rubber sole created to grip gym floors for maximum power, while giving you that barefoot feel. 
Price: £87.99 GBP