10 Min Total Body Power Workout

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We know a thing or two about that daily hustle.

If you want to achieve big things, you've got to get out there and make every moment count! Even though training is normally a part of our top priority list, even we can admit at times it's had to take a back seat. Not on the regular, don't get us wrong! But that's why we created this 10min Total Body Power Workout so you can always get a sweat in, even if it's you're smokin' busy. To crush your 10min, you'll be performing 4 rounds of 5 exercises. Each exercise is only 30 seconds long, so you've got to give it all you've got! Between each round, take a 10-second water break. All you'll need for this is a Kettlebell or, using our suggested replacement exercises, you can make this all bodyweight only. Ready to get sweating?



Okay, so maybe the warm-up brings this workout to 11 minuets, but that makes for a less catchy blog title so... just pretend this isn't part of it. However, it is important to warm up in some capacity so make sure not to skip this. If you seriously can't spare the minuet, just adjust the timing of your workout rather than skipping the warm up. womens gym wear and leggings



Start standing with good posture, feet hip-width apart. Hold your kettlebell with straight arms and an overhand grip in both hands, keeping your knees soft and always focusing on keeping your spine straight. Drive your hips back and let the kettle bell swing back between your legs. Make sure your spine is still neutral! Then, in a fluid motion, drive your hips forward while swinging the kettlebell till your arms are horizontal with the ground. Knees still soft, squeezing through your glutes. Remember, the motion needs to be driven by your hips, not your arms, both when you swing forward and when you swing it back between your legs, fluidly powering into your second rep.



Everyone's favourite - squats! For this one, stand with feet just outside of shoulder width. Hold your kettlebell close to your body at chest level. Make sure your spine is neutral, bend at the hip and begin lowering into your squat. Make sure your chest stays high and your knees don't extend over your toes. Once you're at 90 degrees or a little deeper, squeeze your hamstrings and glutes, push through your heels and bring yourself back to standing. Don't lock your knees at the top, though! Keep them soft. After a beat at the top, drop back down into another rep. Fun right?



Stand up straight and hold the kettlebell by the handle, letting it rest at shoulder level. Step forward with one foot into a ready-lunge position. Then, keeping your spine neutral, drop your back knee down to lower into your lunge. As you begin to lower into your lunge, straighten the arm holding your kettlebell to perform an overhead press at the same time. Making sure your front knee stays behind your toes while you're lunging and that your wrist stays right below your shoulder during the top end of your press. Pushing through your hamstrings and glutes, stand back up to your start position and, with full control, bring your kettlebell back down to shoulder level at the same time. This is a compound exercise, meaning you're moving both your upper and lower body at the same time. So, go slow and put focus on stability over speed. Focus on one arm/leg for the whole 30 seconds and then switch to the other side on your next round.



This is basically a normal push-up, only more awesome because it's with kettlebells! Take two kettlebells and position them on the ground, about shoulder width apart. Grab the handles and position yourself into a long-arm plank, with your shoulders right above your wrists and your core engaged. Then lower your body into a push-up, keeping your elbows in close to your body. Using strength from your arms to push back up to your start position. Sounds simple, but using kettlebells adds some extra challenge to your standard, run of the mill push-up!



Let's do the twist! The Russian Twist. Sit with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your back straight and hold your kettlebell at chest level. Then, taking your feet just off the floor, lean back so your torso is in a V position. Very important to keep your spine neutral and shoulders back! Once you're stable, twist your torso so your kettlebell faces the left side of the room. In a fluid motion, twist toward the opposite direction so your kettlebell faces the right side of the room. Make sure it's your torso that is moving and not your arms and try to keep your hips square the whole time by engaging your core. Keep going from side to side and you're twistin'! If you have more than 10min, lengthen your workout time from 30sec on each exercise to 45sec or 60sec. Or, just increase how many rounds you do. Either way, if you're hitting each exercise hard enough, you should be sweating after 10min. See, even when you're a busy bee you can still get your #swole on!

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