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Ways to earn Flexcoins

Make a Purchase
Every £3 spent = 5 Flexcoins

£15 Voucher

First Purchase Anniversary
£10 Voucher

Create an Account
20 Flexcoins

Redeem Flexcoins for vouchers!*

£8 Voucher
100 Flexcoins

£20 Voucher
200 Flexcoins

£33 Voucher
300 Flexcoins

*Minimum spend £60 to redeem voucher. Apply voucher code at checkout. Vouchers are valid for 14 days once activated, this action cannot be undone.

  • 01. What is Ryderwear BeneFITS?

    BeneFITS is our Ryderwear loyalty program, created so all lifters can spend light & lift heavier. Members will earn points (Flexcoins) for every dollar they spend, which can then be exchanged for vouchers to spend on our next-level activewear. You’ll also be rewarded with a heap of epic perks like birthday vouchers, and be able to earn more Flexcoins by getting involved in the Ryderwear community.

  • 02. How do I sign up?

    It’s easy! Simply enter your email address and details and you’ll receive access to your Flexcoin balance, which you can cash in for vouchers and other rewards.

  • 03. How can I earn Flexcoins?

    Every 3 pounds you spend in the Ryderwear online store will earn you 5 Flexcoins. You can also earn coins by going the extra mile and doing things like subscribing to our Newsletter and completing your profile.

  • 04. How do I redeem my Flexcoins during checkout?

    To redeem your Flexcoins during checkout, ensure you’re logged into your Ryderwear Account. You can then navigate to the Redeem tab inside your pop out wallet and select your relevant voucher. You’ll then see your unique voucher code, which you can copy and paste into the voucher field at checkout and use to level up for less!

  • 05. How much are Flexcoins worth?

    100 Flexcoins = £8 Voucher
    200 Flexcoins = £20 Voucher
    300 Flexcoins = £33 Voucher

  • 06. Do my Flexcoins expire?

    You’ll have 12 months to use your Flexcoins from the moment you earn them. When you cash in for a points voucher or receive an anniversary voucher, you’ll have 14 days to redeem. When you receive a birthday voucher, you’ll have 30 days to use.

  • 07. Where can I view my Flexcoins balance?

    To view your Flexcoin balance, you’ll need to be logged into your Ryderwear account where you can view how many coins you’ve earned.

  • 08. How long does it take for Flexcoins to show up in my account?

    It will take up to 14 days for Flexcoins to appear in your account, whenever you make a purchase.

  • 09. Can I use a discount code and redeem my Flexcoin in one transaction?

    You’ll only be able to use either a Flexcoin voucher or a discount code at checkout, not both.

  • 10. Can I transfer my Flexcoins to someone else?

    You’ve worked hard & shopped even harder for those Flexcoins. They’re yours and yours only!

  • 11. Can I use my Flexcoins to pay for a Giftcard?

    No. Flexcoins cannot be used to pay for Giftcards.

  • 12. Is there a limit to how many Flexcoins I can earn?

    There are no limits on how many Flexcoins you can earn. The more you spend the more coins you’ll bank!

  • 13. Can I use my Flexcoins during a sale?

    Yes, you can use your Flexcoins at any time!

  • 14. Where can I report an issue or problem?

    You can email our legendary Customer Service team at support@ryderwear.com

  • 15. Do my past orders count?

    When you join our loyalty program, you’ll start with a balance of 0 Flexcoins. Past purchasing history will not count.

  • 16. What happens to my Flexcoin balance when I return products?

    When you return an order, your Flexcoin balance will return to its original balance prior to you purchasing the order.

  • 17. I accidentally used a guest checkout. Can I add that spend to my Flexcoins?

    To receive your Flexcoins, you’ll need to complete your transaction using the same email address that you used to sign up to BeneFITS.

  • 18. What payment methods can be used to earn Flexcoins?

    You can use Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, ZipPay and Ryderwear gift cards to earn Flexcoins!

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